Tom Sargrove  Landscape Gardening  




The bank had been falling into the stream and so was built up again on both sides .  A long section of stone work completed using 20 tonnes !

                The side passageway was on a steep gradient to the rear garden.   Land was cleared, steps created and faced with                        brick.  An awkward aspect to work in but a good end result 

the original plot had been cleared of large coniferous trees to realise a large rough and uneven area which was required for further clearance and levelling to create a lawn area and ericaceous bed 

excavator and dumper work was completed, soil levelled and top soil layered  and levelled .  Grass seed laid around the newly created flower bed for the client to dig in shrubs 

Planting of clay tolerant shrubs and perennials , to offer 3 seasonal interest Colours of white, burned gold, red, lime and purple. Spring bulbs added to contrast with the spring fragrant white flowers  - alliums and crocus

A south facing garden with heavy clay which had been very boggy in the winter. Client chose a raised bed from sleepers which was infilled with Dalefoot Lakeland Gold compost to address the heavy soil, improving aeration    The former 2 photos show the progressive work completed

The S/E  aspect had no flower beds,   a 70 meter x 7 meter bed was created as seen.  Topiary balls and trees are softened with grasses  and underplanted with tulips for spring and agapanthus for summer

The N/W facing boundary was excavated, top soil added, 10 x prunus trees planted, irrigation installed and soil laid with grass seeded ;  at a later point each tree was framed in  1m diameter rings and mulched with grey slate