Tom Sargrove  Landscape Gardening  




About us 

Together, Tom, Dennis and Christine can offer our clients a comprehensive service to design, create, plant and maintain your garden. We can source and supply plants from a selection of our nursery accounts in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. We can recommend and implement seasonal jobs in the garden and supply garden supplies such as bark and compost.


Tom Sargrove 

Tom Sargrove studied at Merrist Wood College in Guildford, Surrey Qualified in horticulture (NVQ2) and Countryside management (LANTRA 2) he has also studied garden design

Tom has been professionally gardening since 2017 and established a firm customer base in the Waverley area working out from Witley

Christine Sargrove 

Has also studied garden design and facilitates sourcing and supply of planting options as well as garden design ideas, liaising with our clients to clearly understand what is desired. The more mundane admin is also completed! 

Dennis Knight 

Has a wealth of experience in the landscape and the building industry. He is extremely knowledgeable in pond management , a competent carpenter and an experienced excavator operative. 


Dennis ​